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I have had a passion for working with plants since I was a small child. By the time I was five, I even had my own section of the family flower garden. I often tell my family that I was “hard wired” from birth to do something with plants.

After attending several universities where I studied horticulture and marketing, I worked in the Green Industry for the past 37 years. Many opportunities have come my way and I have been blessed to work in many capacities such as grower, manager, sales consultant and owner of greenhouses, nurseries and landscape companies. The last 20 years I have worked as a sales representative for several large seed brokerages and nurseries.

Over the last 7 years I have become more and more interested in self-sufficiency, sustainability, foraging and creating food forests. Please join me as I add new fruit and vegetable varieties to my small half acre lot in the suburbs of Atlanta and detail my discovery of planting, growing and harvesting nature’s bounty.

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